Statement from ULT

In response to the events of the past few days, we would like to clear a few things up.

We were contacted by DUSF, along with the other supporter groups, and asked to sign their vote of no confidence in the chairman by Thursday 1st February, without sharing the open letter with our members. As representatives of our members, we felt we could not do so without contacting them and asking them to vote on this issue. We informed DUSF of our plans but received no response. In the meantime, a different statement was issued following the chairman’s decision to step down.

Assumptions that we have chosen not to align ourselves with these statements are incorrect. We merely wish to consult with our members before making any decision on their behalf. This was made clear in our response.

In light of ongoing changes within the club, we continue to support the players on the field and hope upcoming results will be in our favour as we look towards our promotion chances.